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Merry Christmas! Painting of bells.

See you in the new year for X-Camera. Fridays at 1:00.

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Jan 8 - Quentin VerCetty
Jan 15 - Liss Platt
Jan 22 - Paul Roorda
Jan 29 - Lyn Royce
Feb 5 - Henry Daniel, PhD
Feb 12 - Chris McNamara
Feb 19 - Joni NehRita
Feb 26 - Kim Kitchen
March 5 - Jane Tingley
March 12 - Crystal Mowry
March 19 - Carmela Laganse
March 26 - Dwight Storring

Founded in 2007
Inter Arts Matrix is a not-for-profit charitable arts organization
that fosters the development of integrated art
based in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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