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X-camera Speaker Series: Rob Gorbet

October 11, 2019 - Rob Gorbet: Tech Art in Waterloo Region - A Call to Action

Rob Gorbet writes: “I've been involved in tech art collaborations in the Waterloo Region and beyond for over 15 years as an engineer, artist, and educator. In this talk I will review some of our past work and introduce two calls to action/ thought/ discussion. First, there's a piece I really want to make for which I need a collaborator(s): a storyteller and a photographer. I hope to describe this nascent work in order to get reaction and ideas for both the content and possible collaborators. Second, I'll talk about my several-year history co-teaching the Technology Art Studio course at the University of Waterloo. This course sees significant demand from Engineering students and I'd love for this talk to seed a conversation about how we might expand the capacity of the course to meet demand.”

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