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X-Camera is a pilot project researching ways of mentoring, co-working, and collaborating for emerging interdisciplinary and new media artists.

X-camera Speaker Series: Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock

July 19, 2019 - Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock: Arche Projects


Art collective Arche Projects makes installations that fuse poetry and film, using various technologies to disrupt our patterns of attention and ponder the role of the aesthetic in our current historical moment.

Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock will talk about their collaboration and the possibilities and pitfalls of using poetic texts in media installations. We will show two of our completed projects, Tinderbox and Anthozoa, and facilitate a discussion about using technology to critique technology and social media.

Nathan Saliwonchyk is a filmmaker and media artist living in Guelph. Nora Ruddock is a poet and editor at Broadview Press.

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