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X-camera Speaker Series: Mary-Catherine Newcomb

August 16, 2019 - Mary-Catherine Newcomb: The Importance of Unimportant Things


Mary-Catherine Newcomb writes:
“I am interested in the way we perceive and construct reality. We attach significance to perceptions that are reinforced by cultural mythologies and affordance. Myth aligns objective, rational and subjective experience. Myth is informed by imagination, and speaks to deep human truths. Keepers of myth have increasingly become commercial enterprises whose products trade in easy access, self-gratification, and spectacle. I will be speaking about my work in relationship to the idea of myth.”

Mary-Catherine Newcomb is a visual artist who has had a long career as a sculptor and teacher. Born and raised in Montreal she is now based in Waterloo Region. She attended the University of Toronto where she received a Bachelor of Science, then studied fine arts at University of Waterloo (BFA) and York University (MFA). Mary Catherine was one of the original members of the Redhead Gallery and a member of Nethermind Collective. Her work has been shown throughout Canada and in Germany. She has received support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Waterloo Region Arts Fund. In 2009 Mary Catherine was awarded the K.M. Hunter prize for visual art.

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