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X-camera Speaker Series: Susan Low-Beer

October 18, 2019 - Susan Low-Beer: Specimen: A Sculptor's Next Chapter

With a retrospective exhibition in the recent past, Toronto-based sculptor Susan Low-Beer will describe her current and on-going body of work, Specimen, a series that was curated by Sheila McMath and debuted in 2018. McMath observes “Although the Specimen series has a unique quality that distinguishes it as a brave next chapter in Low-Beer's practice, it continues her investigation of the themes that have grounded her work for decades — the study of the dynamics of human relationships; the interwoven experience of the physical and the psychological; and the simultaneous power and vulnerability of the body. Low-Beer has carried a sincerity of purpose in her practice and maintained constant threads of investigation that have both grounded and propelled her career.” Because of the collegial and collaborative relationship that has developed between Low-Beer and McMath, the talk will take the format of 'question and answer', initially a conversation between the two, and then open up to a larger conversation with the audience.

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