X-Camera is a pilot project researching ways of mentoring, co-working, and collaborating for emerging interdisciplinary and new media artists

Inter Arts Matrix is investigating different program formats for interdisciplinary artists, including workshops of various lengths, residencies, ongoing mentoring and project development.

We aim to reach media artists whose practice extends beyond the camera-based tradition of film and video production, and consists of the creative uses of software, projection design, interactive media arts installations, game design, and artistic works based on virtual reality. It is an opportunity for emerging and established interdisciplinary and media artists in Waterloo Region to get to know each other's practice, encouraging learning, skill development and networking, leading to collaborative projects.

X-Camera is designed for artists based in Waterloo Region. The kind of networking and collaboration that occurs naturally in a place like Toronto requires the intentional creation of an artistic community for regional artists. We will be able to share with other regional arts organizations the insights gained from this project.

This project is supported by grants from the Ontario Arts Council Media Arts Projects, the Musagetes Fund at the Community Foundation and by an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant.

X-camera logo art: © M.Nakamura. http://tessella.sakura.ne.jp/home.index.html

X-camera Speakers:

May 3, 2019 - Matt Borland: Building Community Music Technology

X-camera Speaker Series: Matt Borland

The return to community-based music making has seen a resurgence of choirs, porch-parties, house-shows, and the simple opportunity for people to get together to make music. The work discussed in this talk will reveal observations about the appropriate use of electronic technology in music making, particularly for use in community music settings. Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening exercises will also make an appearance for the brave!

May 10, 2019 - Julia Aplin and John Gzowski: Technology, Dance, Music and Theatre-Double Pendulum Collective

X-camera Speaker Series: Julia Aplin and John Gzowski

Double Pendulum Collective has a four-sided unique perspective on creating art. Their new work Synaptic Rodeo has been created in residence at LIVElab and strives to use the technology itself as the starting point of creation. John and Julia will discuss how the collective has developed ideas using EKG, EMG, halo/muse brain waves, and motion capture technology. John and Julia will lead you through some of the challenges and joys they have experienced creating art with technology.

May 17, 2019 - Lindsay Bellaire and Phillip Psutka: Articus: The Art of Fusing Theatre and Circus

X-camera Speaker Series: Articus: Lindsay Bellaire and Phillip Psutka

Articus Productions is a KW based performing arts company that creates innovative theatrical experiences through a fusion of theatre and circus, with a particular focus on aerial work. We aim to craft a fine balance of dialogue, physicality, and the spectacle of aerial work to tell riveting stories that feed the spirit and uplift people of all ages. The potential scale and depth of the work we create is limited only by our access to collaborators and resources. In this talk, we will give an overview of the work we have developed, our current projects, the challenges we are facing, and our vision for the kind of work we hope to create as we grow.

May 24, 2019 - Leslie Ting

X-camera Speaker Series: Leslie Ting

Leslie Ting is a Toronto-based violinist and multi-arts creator. Her live performances as a violinist have been described as creating “fire without smoke” (Strad Magazine). Formerly a practicing optometrist, the death of her mother, who lost her vision before she died, catalyzed the creation of a theatrical concert called, Speculation. Leslie is on the board of MusicWorks Magazine and will be a professional development panelist for the 2019 Toronto Creative Music Lab. She is currently developing a new work with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts about the therapeutic process and how we try to get to know our Selves by going around our conscious minds.

May 31, 2019 - Colin Labadie: Music, Theatre, and Dancing Monsters

X-camera Speaker Series: Colin Labadie

My output in recent years has been eclectic, ranging from more conventionally 'composed' concert music, to sound design for theatre, and from free improvisation to sound art installations. For my talk, I will show and describe a cross-section of these works to give a sense of my overall work as an artist, and I will explore how I have been trying to find ways to integrate these various practices, particularly between the worlds of theatre and concert music. There may or may not also be a rather conspicuous and slightly terrifying plush toy.