Sounding Rituals

A series of gentle disturbances

Sounding Rituals

Created by Anne-Marie Donovan

Sounding Rituals is a series of public interventions that gently disrupt social conventions. With a view to exposing our social borders, these ritualistic acts question unwritten norms and reclaim urban space even as they suggest something other. Spiced with humour, the interventions do not adhere to widely-held standards of artistic excellence and beauty, and can be performed by any group of adventurous lay-citizens.

Procession (Sounding Ritual #3)
The act of silent procession is a powerful and peaceful communal ritual. This procession can be performed for an actual event such as a commemorative event like Hiroshima Day.

Protest (Sounding Ritual #4)
We have the right to protest but few of us exercise that right. This piece is about the right/rite itself. It can be performed in the context of an actual protest for a particular cause or it can be done for its own sake. Protest is inspired by a meditation by Michael Vetter.

Sounding Rituals premiered at the 2007 Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in downtown Kitchener, Ontario.