An interactive performance/ environment with live video, electroacoustics, improvisational choir and Euphonopen


Created by
Isabella Stefanescu (artistic director/visual design)
Klaus Engel (interface designer)
Nick Storring (composer)
Christine Duncan (conductor)
Edward Cho (technology assistant)

Signature imageSignature image

In the lobby of a concert venue members of the audience pass a stand on which a Wacom tablet acts as a guest book. Audience members are asked to contribute to the performance by saying and signing their names. As each audience member signs in, the Euphonopen generates sound in real time, intimating that each name has its own "tune". Each name that is spoken is heard through speakers in the performance venue as the respective animated signature, and the various sound and visual data associated with it, are being projected on the walls. The spoken name of the person is then transformed by the Euphonopen using the signature sound as a pattern, joining the chorus of names of those who are already there. The soundscape develops as the audience assembles for the concert, and acts as a master of ceremonies and a convener. The choral performance with the sound of the names, the sound and projections of the respective signatures, and the electroacoustic soundscape of the audience voices and names.

The sound and look of Signature will vary greatly as it migrates across languages and alphabets.

Signature Premiere at Kitchener City Hall, June 2014 - Trailer

May & September 2012 workshop presentations, Courtyard Hub Studio Space, Kitchener

Performed by:
Margaret Bárdos, Jamie Hofman, Trevor Horman, Elizabeth Rogalsky-Lepock, Mike Lepock, Donovan Locke, D. Alex Meeks, James Miniou, Juliet Palmer, Pam Patel, Alex Samaras, Leeanna Santos Caligagan, Jessica Stuart