Schubert Now

A series of short films / modern musical adaptations of Franz Schubert art-songs

Schubert Now

Created by
Michael Donovan (artistic director/composer)
with Glenn Stillar (filmmaker) and Luise Docherty (filmmaker)

Schubert Now is a series of short films that ask: How can the Romantic poet's heightened sensory experience of nature have relevance today? Donovan's funky musical adaptations of Schubert art-song masterpieces contrast the relationship between our 21st century experience of disconnection from nature and the 19th century Romantic immersion in, continuity with, and inspiration from, nature.

Dreams of Love

Based on Schubert's setting of the poem 'Liebesbotschaft' by Ludwig Rellstab. The poet is speaking to a brook and asking it to be his messenger:

When the sun is descending
In glowing red,
Rock her to sleep,
Lull her into peaceful rest,
Whisper dreams of love to her.

Produced and directed by Michael Donovan & Glenn Stillar
Associate Producer – Krzysztof Pietroszek
Director of photography/editing – Glenn Stillar
Location production crew – Jay Mahandria, Scott Meadows, Krzysztof Pietroszek
Costumes – Angela Thomas
Hair stylist – Alice Norton
Make-up artist – Roxanna DeBobrega
Painting on wall – John Donovan

Poet – Michael Donovan
Maiden – Kasey Stephen

Music arrangement – Michael Donovan
Music production – Small Dog Studio, Ian Graham
Music production – Dave Clark
Mastering – Trillium Sound, Richard Addison
Vocals – Michael Donovan
Keyboards – Michael Donovan
Drums– Dave Clark
Guitar - Tim Posgate
Cello – Paul Pulford
Violin – Rebecca van der Post
Viola – Anna Redecop
Music consultant – Nick Donovan

Erl King

Produced & Directed by Michael Donovan & Luise Docherty

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Music arrangement - Michael Donovan
Sound engineering, effects and mixing - Richard Windeyer
Soprano - Pam Pattel
Tenor - Devin Herbert
Baritone - Michael Donovan
Bass Baritone - Dan Lichti