The Notebook Project

Viewers flip through the pages of an artist's notebook transformed into wall-sized projected images

The Notebook Project

Created by
Isabella Stefanescu (artistic director)
Nick Storring (composer & interface programmer)
Rob Gorbet (interface designer)
Nathan Saliwonchyck (animator & videographer)

"The artist's notebook can be viewed as a tool of creation while it is being used: or as a place, very similar to a studio, for thinking, musing and doodling." - Isabella Stefanescu

The Notebook Project began in Isabella Stefanescu's studio during a discussion with KW|AG curator Allan MacKay regarding the content and significance of notebooks to an artist's practice. From these initial musings a collaborative project was born under the artistic direction of Isabella Stefanescu. This collaborative image, sound and interactive project creates a public context for the private mark-making and notations of an artist and provides a window into the artistic process.

An image-sound-viewer interface was developed that allows the notebook to become an architectural space. The narrative sequence and sound are controlled and influenced by the viewer. The notebook page becomes a wall and the sense of touch is replaced by the self-awareness of the viewer's presence in architectural space.

Notebook Project installation shot, detail of stonesNotebook Project installation shot, detail of scaleNotebook Project installation shotNotebook Project installation shotNotebook Project installation shotNotebook Project installation shotNotebook Project, original notebookNotebook Project animation screenshot
Photography by Anuta Skrypnychenko


2012 Woodstock Art Gallery
2011 Common Pulse Festival, Durham Art Gallery
2011 Vernacular Landscapes, Homer Watson House & Gallery, Kitchener
2007 University of Waterloo
2007 K.M. Hunter Artist Award for Interdisciplinary Art to Isabella Stefanescu
2006 Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery