MyAudia, Return of the Pied People

A tragicomic street opera in many acts. How the power of sound surrounds us and how it can save us.

MyAudia, Return of the Pied People

Created by
Peter Hatch (composer), John Sobol (librettist)
With Anne-Marie Donovan (director) and Rob Ring (web interface)

In 1284, the town of Hamelin suffered from a terrible rat infestation. A man known as the Pied Piper rid the town of rats with his musical magic leading them away to the river, where they drowned. The townspeople refused to pay the Piper, so he lured away the town's children, never to be seen again.

In our urban version of the Pied Piper of Hamilin, the children have returned as the Pied People, trained in the musical magic of the Pied Way. The earth's environmental problems are now catastrophic. The Pied People attempt to conjure up the presence of the Pied Piper, now revealed to be a woman known as MyAudia. To do so, they must get the townspeople to pay attention to the magical sounds around them, to honour the debt they owe to MyAudia and to the environment. Will the townspeople finally pay attention or lose another generation of children?

May 2010, Market Scene, Kitchener Farmer's Market

Ciaran Myers, actor
Pam Patel, soprano
Elizabeth Rogalksi-Lepock, soprano
Margaret Bárdos, mezzo soprano
Jamie Hofman, baritone
Aimee Berends, oboe and melodica
Donovan Locke, tuba
Richard Burrows, percussion
The Singer's Theatre choir
Joe Recchia, stage manager and production manager
Laisa Gillis, assistant stage manager
Joey Morin, technical director
Anne-Marie Donovan, producer

MyAudia, Return of the Pied People was developed at Inter Arts Matrix in partnership with Stratford Summer Music. It then toured to the Festival Escales Improbables in Montreal's Old Port in September 2010.