Learning to See

Technique No. 7 - Write (workshop performance, July 9, 2018)


Work in Progress

Project Leaders:

Learning to See is a durational performance for bass clarinet, percussion and euphonopen. Each of the 23 movements highlighting a certain type of musical gesture - the movement a person has to make in order to produce sound from an instrument. Learning to See encourages the audience to think of music as both sound and a visual form of expression and communication.

The inspiration of this piece is Drawing Techniques a book by Peter Jenny professor of architecture in Zurich, which deals with 22 techniques, to which we added the 23'rd - erasure. The visual artist works her way through each of the 23 drawing techniques, using the euphonopen, which manipulates the voice of the mezzo-soprano, while the bass clarinet and percussion interpret the vocabulary of each drawing technique description as a structured improvisation.

Technique No. 1 - Gesticulate

Kathryn Ladano, bass clarinet, and David Klassen, percussion: workshop recording.

Technique No. 8 - Form

This project was funded by a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund