Guerilla Sound Events

Are you interested in what you are hearing? "Music is all around us, if only we had ears." - John Cage

Guerilla Sound Events

Created by Peter Hatch

Peter Hatch's Guerilla Sound Events (2004) are short, spontaneous performance art pieces intended to draw attention to urban soundscapes through unannounced sonic interventions. While often humorous in nature, they also call for a more active role in shaping our urban soundscapes.

Cell Life (Guerilla Sound Event #5) for four operatic singers with cell phones, August 2010, Stratford Summer Music

Within public settings, cell phones and their users can produce curious situations. Cell phone users are aurally connected in an intimate way to someone completely removed from the caller's immediate environment; this environment may consist of a large crowd of people, which the caller often ignores. The combination of aural and social connection/disconnection can create interesting and often strange juxtapositions, as intimate details are announced publicly but obliviously.

First presented in Regina in 2004 as part of the Immersive Soundscapes festival, they have been continually developed and have appeared at the Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in Kitchener, Ontario (2005), the New Adventures in Sound Art Sound Travels festival (Toronto Island - 2006), the Toronto's Junction Arts festival and Montreal's Escales Improbables (2007). Inter Arts Matrix took them on at the Stratford Summer Music festival (2008 & 2009).

Performed by
Andrea Naccarato, soprano
Margaret Bárdos, mezzo soprano
Mark Rowsom, tenor
Jamie Hofman, baritone
Donovan Locke, tuba, multi-instrumentalist