Frankenstein's Ghosts

monstrous musings, unconscious utterances

Frankenstein's Ghosts

Created by
Michael Montanaro, Anne-Marie Donovan, Ann Scowcroft, Navid Navab,
Jérôme Delapierre, Peter Lyne, Paul Pulford, Liselyn Adams, Beverley Johnston

Frankenstein's Ghosts is a collective creation-research project to build a hybrid critical discussion and multi-media performance work based on the substantive issues raised in Mary Shelley's seminal novel, Frankenstein.

In June 2007, several of the project collaborators received SSHRC funding to bring together an interdisciplinary team of academics and artists to share in a deconstruction, analysis and exploration of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This came from a desire among academic scholars to explore artistic transformations of their discourse as a way of pushing their thinking even deeper into the subject matter - working with artists who will transform their research into another "language." For the artists, the impulse came from a desire for deep understanding of the many substantive themes emerging from the novel before embarking on artistic creation. After the exploratory phase of the project, we began the creation of an 80-minute interdisciplinary performance work in late 2010. In June 2011, we held a workshop that culminated in workshop performances of the first running draft of the piece. 

Integrating systems, an environment "alive" with possibilities, multiple dimensions, multiple senses, human performers and non-human agencies in a continuous blend of active media, innovative forms of interaction, collaborative communications, immateriality and physical reality becoming intertwined & enriching our thinking.

June 27-28, 2011, Workshop performances, DB Clarke Theatre, Montreal

Frankenstein's Ghosts, performance imageFrankenstein's Ghosts, performance imageFrankenstein's Ghosts, performance imageFrankenstein's Ghosts, performance imageFrankenstein's Ghosts, performance imageFrankenstein's Ghosts, performance image

Michael Montanaro, Creative Director
Anne-Marie Donovan, Assistant Director
Ann Scowcroft, Writer
Blue Rider Ensemble, Music Composition
(Liselyn Adams, Anne-Marie Donovan, Beverley Johnston, Paul Pulford, Pam Reimer & Paul Bendzsa)
Navid Navab, Sound Design
Michael Montanaro & Jérôme Delapierre, Visual Concept
Jérôme Delapierre, Visual Design
Peter "Spike" Lyne, Light Design
Paul Bendzsa, Penny Norris & Blue Rider Ensemble, Original Concept

Sha Xin Wei, Media Choreography
Christine Jamieson, Ethics
Topological Media Lab, Real-time Media

The Monster, Lael Stellick
Victor Frankenstein, Brad Cook
Mary Shelley, Anne-Marie Donovan
Justine, Emmanuelle Calvé
Trisha Marshall, Milan Gervais
Elizabeth, Teoma Naccarato
Flute, Liselyn Adams
Percussion, Beverley Johnston
Percussion, Etienne Levesque
Cello, Paul Pulford

John D.S. Adams & Tim Sutton, Sound Consultants
Gary Kirkham, Dramaturgy
Elaine Normandeau, Stage Manager
Tai Timbers, Assistant, Sound
Ted Stafford, Head Technician
Timothy Sutton, David Jhave Johnston, Documentation
Timothy Sutton, Internal FG Website
Hexagram Lab, Concordia University, Research Studio Space
Inter Arts Matrix, Co-producer

Workshop Performances:
June 2010, D.B. Clarke Theatre, Montreal