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We will continue to closely monitor the latest news and updates on COVID-19 from Region of Waterloo Public Health and provincial and federal authorities, and will determine if any additional measures need to be taken as the situation evolves. If need be we will migrate on-line.

Xcamera talk: Isabella Stefanescu

POSTPONED - Isabella Stefanescu: How I Became an Interdisciplinary Artist

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

How does a painter get to work with assemblages of microphones, tablets, projectors, robots, cameras, microphones, electronics, and miles and miles of cable? What comes of  a painter working with machine designers, engineers, composers, filmmakers, playwrights, poets and a couple of mezzo-sopranos? Isabella Stefanescu will take a stroll through some of her interdisciplinary projects.

Xcamera talk: Sandra Dunn

POSTPONED - Between the Idea and the Reality

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Making things by hand is inherently valuable. Making things by hand for a living requires a commitment that catches hold deep inside of a person and won't let go. Critical to its survival is the belief that there are valuable experiences to be gained that money can't buy. Much of the work I do is very physical; as the scale of projects increase more people are required just to physically move the material around the shop and so I've had many people come through my shop to work and learn.  In 2011, I spent a week working in the boreal forest in northern Saskatchewan at the EMMA International Collaboration with 100 other artists and craftspeople from around the world.  The experience changed my practice; changed how I value what I do and inspired me to develop a collaborative design process and work environment in my studio.

Workshop: Grantwriting for Artist projects

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Grantwriting for Artists' Projects

IDEA EXCHANGE – Old Post Office, 12 Water St S, Cambridge

This workshop is for artists of all disciplines and organizations of all kinds. You will learn:
• how to plan a top-quality application
• how to find suitable funders
• assembling funding for a specific project
The session will examine various sources of funding, including:
• Canada Council for the Arts
• Ontario Arts Council
• Region of Waterloo Arts Fund (next deadline is Friday, March 6, 2020 at 4:00 pm)
• Foundation funding

Workshop: Grantwriting and Co-Working Day

Wednesday, August 27, 2020 from 10am to 8pm - Grantwriting and Co-Working Day

IDEA EXCHANGE – Old Post Office, 12 Water St S, Cambridge

Stop procrastinating. Bring your computer and write that application!
Got a grant to write? Bring your computer and work on your grant along with other artists. You can ask for assistance from the on-site advisors. Come for the day, the afternoon, or just drop in for a couple of hours. If you have a project you are trying to fund, we will talk it over with you and get you started. We might be able to help you find a suitable grant for your project. Or we can give you a hand getting an on-line profile with a granting body. If you need help drawing up a budget or a time- line, articulating your project, its viability or impact, we can give each other a hand.