Coming up!

Workshop: Grantwriting for Artist projects

Thursday, February 27, 10am to 6pm - Grantwriting for Artists' Projects

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Stop procrastinating. Bring your computer and write that application! Got a grant to write? Bring your computer and work on your grant along with other artists. You can ask for assistance from the on-site advisors. Come for the day, the afternoon, or just drop in for a couple of hours. If you have a project you are trying to fund, we will talk it over with you and get you started. We might be able to help you find a suitable grant for your project. Or we can give you a hand getting an on-line profile with a granting body. If you need help drawing up a budget or a time-line, articulating your project, its viability or impact, we can give each other a hand.

Xcamera talk: Doug Van Nort

Friday, February 28, 1pm - Doug Van Nort: From Tuning Presents to Turing Presence - Distributed Networks of Listening and Sounding

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Doug writes: Drawing on recent projects, in this talk I will discuss my approach to creating performative contexts using computational media that engender improvisational, intersubjective engagements and distributed senses of creativity agency. Building upon my life as an electroacoustic composer/improviser, this work emphasizes collective emergence and immersion of the non-visual senses as a means to amplify (rather than mute or mask) a sense of presence-in-the-world for individual and group. Machine agents, interactive media and telematic connections are integrated as material conditions and inter-actors that serve to enhance, complexify and challenge this larger network of activity.