Recent Events

Xcamera talk: Geoffrey Shea

Friday, March 13, 1pm - Geoffrey Shea: Writing Between the Lines - Poetics in Video

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Geoffrey writes: In between (and outside of) feeling and thought lurk a huge range of messy, internal human experiences. Scrunch those together into a structured, rhythmic expression and you have the stuff of poetry. These are the impulses and strategies that inhabit my video art practice: careful, formal constructions that are meant to contain more than is possible; accessible, familiar worlds with space enough for you to fill with your own projections. I will introduce several recent projects that are rooted in a local, rural community and nurtured through multiple collaborations and partnerships.

Xcamera talk: Jennifer Roberts-Smith

Friday, March 6, 1pm - Jennifer Roberts-Smith: Relational Scenography - Designing Virtual Reality for Restorative Justice 

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Relational Scenography is a new approach to virtual reality performance design developed by the VR creative team of the Digital Oral Histories for Reconciliation ( As a partner of the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children Restorative Inquiry (, DOHR leverages VR to engage the public in a relational approach to the life stories of former residents of the Home. The DOHR VR experience replaces the traditional aims of immersion and presence with the distance and dissonance we need to be active witnesses to stories of harm and resilience.

Xcamera talk: Doug Van Nort

Friday, February 28, 1pm - Doug Van Nort: From Tuning Presents to Turing Presence - Distributed Networks of Listening and Sounding

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Doug writes: Drawing on recent projects, in this talk I will discuss my approach to creating performative contexts using computational media that engender improvisational, intersubjective engagements and distributed senses of creativity agency. Building upon my life as an electroacoustic composer/improviser, this work emphasizes collective emergence and immersion of the non-visual senses as a means to amplify (rather than mute or mask) a sense of presence-in-the-world for individual and group. Machine agents, interactive media and telematic connections are integrated as material conditions and inter-actors that serve to enhance, complexify and challenge this larger network of activity.

Workshop: Grantwriting for Artist projects

Thursday, February 27, 10am to 6pm - Grantwriting for Artists' Projects

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Stop procrastinating. Bring your computer and write that application! Got a grant to write? Bring your computer and work on your grant along with other artists. You can ask for assistance from the on-site advisors. Come for the day, the afternoon, or just drop in for a couple of hours. If you have a project you are trying to fund, we will talk it over with you and get you started. We might be able to help you find a suitable grant for your project. Or we can give you a hand getting an on-line profile with a granting body. If you need help drawing up a budget or a time-line, articulating your project, its viability or impact, we can give each other a hand.

X-camera Speaker Series: Teneile Warren

Friday, February 21, 2020, at 1pm - Teneile Warren: Writing into Space

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Teneile writes: Creating art in the last ten years has been a redefining and reclaiming of space as a Black and Queer immigrant settler. My journey of reshaping story as an immigrant writer is the continuous process of writing into space. It also wrestling with the exiled nature of immigrant writing: how does a writer’s voice communicate away from space? How does the artist integrate into the community? What is storytelling when you aren’t sure who is listening? Through monologue and story presentation, I will talk about what it means to find voice, lose voice and write voice into existence.

Workshop: Grantwriting for Artist projects

Tuesday, February 18, 2020, 6:30pm to 8:30pm - Grantwriting for Artists' Projects

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Finding sources of grants and writing good applications are skills you can learn. This workshop is for artists of all disciplines and organizations of all kinds. You will learn: how to plan a top-quality application, how to find suitable funders, assembling funding for a specific project. The session will examine various sources of funding, including: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Region of Waterloo Arts Fund (next deadline is Friday, March 6, 2020 at 4:00 pm), Foundation funding

X-camera Speaker Series: Angela Onuora

February 14, 2020 at 1:00 pm, 1pm - Angela Onuora: A Journey into the Past

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Fifty years ago, a brutal and controversial war that lasted for two and half years, came to an end. More than two million people had died and another seven million were left starving and sick. The Nigerian/Biafran War was a difficult topic to choose as a subject for a first-time documentary filmmaker but Angela Onuora felt the call of this story. Angela felt that he story chose her to tell it, maybe because of the role that Canadians played during that difficult time.The road to making this film has been a long three years (and counting).

X-camera Speaker Series: Shana MacDonald

February 7, 2020, 1pm - Shana MacDonald: Feminists Do Media – The Art of Social Media Activism

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

This talk explores the artistic and research potential of social media platforms. Shana MacDonald will discuss her work developing the social media account @aesthetic.resistance which runs the campaign 'Feminists Do Media' on Instagram. The talk will consider how digital activist practices offer a communal call that offers productive configurations of relationships between people, technologies, and cultures. Through a look at the practice and maintenance of @aesthetic.resistance, Shana MacDonald highlights how this communal call can work to gather the diverse practices, representations, and perspectives we have as feminist activists in our toolkits and mobilize them online and offline.

X-camera Speaker Series: Aynur Kadir

January 31, 2020, 1pm - Aynur Kadir: Collaborative Indigenous Media: Participatory design for Indigenous Art and Cultural Heritage

@Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East Kitchener

Heritage institutions such as Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) embrace digital technology to tell intangible stories about their tangible artifacts and to make these stories accessible to the public they serve. However, the collaborative nature of this process is known in the industry to be expensive, time-consuming, and most importantly, challenging to adequately represent the narrative sensibilities of Indigenous Knowledge. How can researchers work with community stakeholders and GLAMs to facilitate the representation of Indigenous art and cultural heritage and their intangible qualities? This presentation analyses two virtual museum projects and three physical exhibitions that present large scale Indigenous multimedia artefacts (co-designed by the speaker) to assess and analyze the challenges and benefits of collaborative methodology and its future direction.

X-camera Speaker Series: Marcel O'Gorman

January 24, 2020 - Marcel O'Gorman: Thinking Critically with Technology

Is it possible for designers and thinkers outside of STEM fields to make an impact on the development of new technologies? In this presentation, Marcel O’Gorman will talk about the critical making and speculative design practices of the Critical Media Lab, which is currently housed in the Communitech Hub. O’Gorman will discuss theories and projects from his forthcoming book, Making Media Theory, which provides new models for technological production that are not rooted in the logic of capitalism and infinite technological progress. Topics discussed will include the value of uselessness, carpentry vs. crapentry, dirty media, and basketweaving as media making.

X-camera Speaker Series: Stefan Rose

January 17, 2020 - Stefan Rose: Interplay in Place

Stefan A. Rose’s multi-disciplinary art-making becomes rooted in the places that he works in, a response to the interplay of the ancient (geography and history), the new (people and habitation), and the ephemeral (weather and emotion). Interweaving these elements he creates artworks that speak to our times, infuse subtle humour, and become evidence of specific moments. In this talk Stefan will elaborate on his process with large format view cameras and how they inform his photographs, poems, and video, to add dimension to an understanding of place.

X-camera Speaker Series: Tanis MacDonald

January 10, 2020 - Tanis MacDonald: Write local, think global: on pejoratives and place

Tanis MacDonald's book, Out of Line, gestures to artistic practices by people who are living far from an artistic hot-spot. Artists deserve community, no matter where they live. But how do artists function without big city opportunities or without creating a &ldquol;desert island of genius”? And how can we think of “local” as something more enlivening than a dismissive pejorative? Fueled by the specificity of writing place, this talk will consider issues of inclusion and permission that arise when people are making art in communities beyond major cosmopolitan centres.

X-MAS: An Experimental Artists' Party

December 20, 2019 - X-MAS: An Experimental Artists' Party

Join us at 12:00 noon to celebrate all that has happened at X-Camera in the past year. This lunchtime party is the opportunity to share refreshments, hand out candies, and give thanks to our artists, volunteers, funders, and supporters.

FREE - Everyone is welcome. Fresh Ground is wholly wheelchair accessible. This is a SCENT FREE event.

Special thanks to our host, Commons Studio at The Working Centre.

X-camera Speaker Series: Jennie Suddick

December 13, 2019 - Jennie Suddick: Get out!

As Crazy Dames, Jennie Suddick and Sara Udow explore the role artists can play in shaping our cities, through small-scale, tactical artistic happenings and dialogue. They look at cities as social and aesthetic environments and believe that collaborative, artistic and playful interventions are needed to address many of our cities' issues, whether it is searching for creative approaches to community engagement or developing new designs for underutilized spaces. They combine their diverse perspectives and skillsets to develop creative forums aimed to incorporate the artist's lens in how we design our future city spaces.

Suddick will speak about the research of Crazy Dames, as well as how these projects influence her cross-disciplinary studio practice, which is founded on the multiplicity, accessibility and engagement exemplified by printmaking.

Jennie is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. She has exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Jennie earned her Masters of Fine Arts from York University and holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Advanced Visual Studies Certificate from OCAD University (OCAD U). She is currently Manager, International Projects & Partnerships at OCAD U, and recently held positions as an Assistant Professor at OCAD U and a Lecturer at Ryerson University in the School of Creative Industries. She was the recipient of the OCAD U 2017 Non-Tenured Teaching Award.

X-camera Speaker Series: Sarah Kernohan

December 6, 2019 - Sarah Kernohan: Collections. Deposits. Processing. Making.

Sarah Kernohan’s artwork is work is based on memory, memory recall of natural imagery, and a direct approach to the landscape. Her work responds to reference photographs and physical materials collected in various places. Her drawings are developed through exploring the process by which materials settle into place over time: finding traces of erosion and the influences of massive tides on soft rock surfaces; recording a landscape in transition. In her X-camera talk, she will discuss how the objects and photographs that she collects in these places inform the development of her work, and sometimes become the subject of her work.

Sarah Kernohan received her MFA at the University of Waterloo (2015) and received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD (2008). She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at Gallery Stratford, Stratford; Galerie AVE, Montreal; the Terrain Biennial, Waterloo; Art Mûr, Montreal. Her work is in private and public collections including the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo. She is the recipient of several awards; including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Keith and Win Shantz Fellowship, and grants from the Ontario Arts Council. She lives and works in Kitchener, Ontario.

X-camera Speaker Series: Mary Neil

November 29, 2019 - Mary Neil: Music, Community, Junk: Music-making for All, with All

Mary Neil founded KW Junk Music to make music accessible to everyone, and to encourage people to think about their sustainable practice. By making instruments out of material diverted from landfills and recycling plants, Mary challenges people to wonder, “why do we have so much junk to make instruments out of?” and how we can make a difference in our lives toward a more sustainable future.

Mary believes that music is an inherent part of human culture; one often can't help being drawn into music in some way. Yet many people often have very little opportunity to create music. Using junk instruments, KW Junk Music works within communities and organizations to explore musical creativity in welcoming, safe atmospheres. Through unconventional instruments and group participation, Mary seeks to bridge the gap between performer and audience member by showing people that everyone can create music with anything.

Mary Neil is a singer, songwriter, community musician with a MA in Community Music, and founder of KW Junk Music. As the 2019 City of Kitchener artist in residence, Mary's residency project involves engaging with participants creating music that reflects the values and diversity of communities across the City of Kitchener. These “community compositions” have inspired her to grow her practice and creativity, continuing her work through collaborative music-making projects. In addition to working with KW Junk Music supporting communities and organizations by offering creative, educational music-making opportunities, Mary is also working on an album of songs inspired by issues faced by the rapid growth in our community, communicating narratives of people with lived experience.

X-camera Speaker Series: Amanda Jernigan

November 22, 2019 - Amanda Jernigan - Losing to Find: Collaboration and Love

In her graphic novel, Creation,the artist Sylvia Nickerson writes: 'We're born, then, we die. In the middle, it seems mostly to be about who has power over whom. In loving, we give our power away. It's the greatest thing. It's the scariest thing.' In collaborating, too, we give our power away. It's the greatest thing. It's the scariest thing. Amanda Jernigan worked for many years on her own, as a poet and essayist, with a fair bit of autonomy over the artworks she created. In the last few years, she's embarked upon a series of projects with composers, visual artists, and performers, and experienced both the pleasure and the terror of giving power away, in collaboration with other artists. In this talk, Jernigan meditates on what it looks like to assent to a loss of control, in collaboration — and also on what may be found, in this act of losing.

X-camera Speaker Series: Melissa Doherty

November 15, 2019 - Melissa Doherty: Losing Ground

Playing with scale, perspective and the sculptural aspects of painting, Kitchener-Waterloo based artist Melissa Doherty challenges our perceptions of both landscape and landscape painting. In her recent exhibition called Losing Ground, Doherty examines the way natural elements are removed from the ground and displayed in containers and planters, on rooftops and green walls, to explore the facade and artifice in the constructed landscape. She considers how this positions the natural landscape as one step removed from the ground that sustains it, creating a veneer of landscape. In her talk, Melissa will also make reference to a body of work called Cloud Witness that was exhibited in 2017 at Open Sesame Gallery. Cloud Witness is about intersections: between the sky and the earth, between the spiritual and the material, between the realm of the mind and the realm of the body, between differing perspectives and identities, between the short-sighted view and the broad perspective. Melissa Doherty is one of four artists participating in a creation residency called One Art supported by Inter Arts Matrix.

X-camera Speaker Series: Emily Urquhart

November 8, 2019 - Emily Urquhart: Giving up the Ghost: The Science and Folklore of Grief Hallucinations

How do you write a piece of factual reporting on a topic that most people view as fiction? This is the conundrum that presents itself with each new story I tackle. I call myself a journalist on the folklore beat because the stories that I research and write often have supernatural ideas at their core, and yet they need to pass through the rigorous fact-checking process that reputable media outlets require. In this talk I'll focus on a story I wrote for Longreads (a US-based long-form journalism site) about cases where people, myself included, saw or interacted with the dead. A phenomenon that is called grief hallucination in modern science, this was documented long before in folktale, myth and legend. Stigma prevents us from talking about these occurrences, but I argue that talking about them, or writing about them, or making art about them, is imperative to the understanding of grief.

Emily Urquhart is a journalist with a doctorate in folklore and draws on both backgrounds in her writing. She has won a National Magazine Award and an Alberta Magazine Award for her work, which has appeared in Longreads, Room, The Rumpus, Eighteen Bridges and The Walrus among others. Her first book, Beyond the Pale: Folklore, Family and the Mystery of Our Hidden Genes, was a Globe and Mail Best Book and was shortlisted for the BC National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction. Presently, she's working on a book about creativity and old age, as well as a collection of essays about the supernatural in our everyday. Emily Urquhart is one of four artists participating in a creation residency called One Art supported by Inter Arts Matrix.

Workshop Grantwriting for Filmmakers

November 7, 2019: Grant Writing for Filmmakers, An Introduction

7:00 pm to 9:00pm
Fresh Ground, 256 King Street East, Kitchener ON N2G 2L1


This workshop is an introduction to finding and applying for grants to make short films, documentaries, web series, experimental films/videos, animated films/videos and a first feature film. The workshop is aimed media artists who are new to grant applications and to filmmakers who have a project they wish to fund. The workshop will also give an outline on the basic ingredients of a good grant application, and will explain the evaluation process used by funders.

Isabella Stefanescu is a visual and media artists based in Waterloo Region who has created interactive and media art installations, films and animations. Since 1992, when she received her first Canada Council grant, Isabella has worked on projects fundedby the City of Kitchener, Region of Waterloo ArtsFund, the Musagetes Fund, Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council, the Department of Canadian Heritage, Ontario Trillium Foundation, KW Awesome Foundation, the Good Family Foundation, and the Mersynergy Foundation. Isabella has sat on a number of juries and selection committees, including several at the Ontario Arts Council, and served on the board of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

Fresh Ground is fully accessible. This is a scent-free event.

Partners: Commons Studio, KW Film Network, The Working Centre, City of Kitchener Economic Development - Arts and Creative Industries

X-camera Speaker Series: Anne-Marie Donovan

November 1, 2019 - Anne-Marie Donovan: Ethical, Transformative Performance

Anne-Marie Donovan writes: “As artists, we all strive for transformative experience and we hope that our work will have a transformative effect on the audience as well. How do we do that? And how do we do it ethically, without manipulation or injury? What is the nature of our communication with an audience? What if we look at it as a partnership? These questions implicate the director/choreographer/conductor as well. What are we asking of the performers and how are we asking? Is there space for them to have that transformative experience? I would suggest that ethics and transformation in performance are intrinsically linked. I’d like to talk about how that chemistry can be learned and achieved as part of basic performance technique.”

Anne-Marie Donovan is a theatre and opera performer, director and creator. She has created a number of works for the stage: Maanomaa, Frankenstein's Ghosts, The Last 15 Seconds, Sounding Rituals. She is now working on the creation of “Echos de Phèdre, Les fondements de la rage” at Inter Arts Matrix and “très loin” with BoucharDanse in Toronto.

X-camera Speaker Series: Sadie Berlin

October 25, 2019 - Sadie Berlin: From Ketchup to Blood - A Theatre Maker Falls For Performance Art

Sadie Berlin will discuss her transitioning to performance art and the political and artistic pressures that compelled her to do so. As a Black woman artist, Sadie is at the centre of a cultural war between openness and the spectre of oppression; censorship and safety; political binaries and uneasy compromises. Sadie never asked to “live in interesting times” and yet this is a moment in history where radicalized action through art has become an imperative for her. As a fan of heightened aesthetics, Sadie will tackle how she anchors her practices in formalistic ramifications and how she creates political art while avoiding pedagogy and the didactic.

X-camera Speaker Series: Susan Low-Beer

October 18, 2019 - Susan Low-Beer: Specimen: A Sculptor's Next Chapter

With a retrospective exhibition in the recent past, Toronto-based sculptor Susan Low-Beer will describe her current and on-going body of work, Specimen, a series that was curated by Sheila McMath and debuted in 2018. McMath observes “Although the Specimen series has a unique quality that distinguishes it as a brave next chapter in Low-Beer's practice, it continues her investigation of the themes that have grounded her work for decades — the study of the dynamics of human relationships; the interwoven experience of the physical and the psychological; and the simultaneous power and vulnerability of the body. Low-Beer has carried a sincerity of purpose in her practice and maintained constant threads of investigation that have both grounded and propelled her career.” Because of the collegial and collaborative relationship that has developed between Low-Beer and McMath, the talk will take the format of 'question and answer', initially a conversation between the two, and then open up to a larger conversation with the audience.

X-camera Speaker Series: Rob Gorbet

October 11, 2019 - Rob Gorbet: Tech Art in Waterloo Region - A Call to Action

Rob Gorbet writes: “I've been involved in tech art collaborations in the Waterloo Region and beyond for over 15 years as an engineer, artist, and educator. In this talk I will review some of our past work and introduce two calls to action/ thought/ discussion. First, there's a piece I really want to make for which I need a collaborator(s): a storyteller and a photographer. I hope to describe this nascent work in order to get reaction and ideas for both the content and possible collaborators. Second, I'll talk about my several-year history co-teaching the Technology Art Studio course at the University of Waterloo. This course sees significant demand from Engineering students and I'd love for this talk to seed a conversation about how we might expand the capacity of the course to meet demand.”

X-camera Speaker Series: Joanne Cripps

October 4, 2019 - Joanne Cripps: Deaf Culture

As a renowned Canadian Deaf leader, author, advocate, mediator and education advisor, Joanne Cripps is uniquely situated to bridge the gap between the Deaf community, educators, researchers and artists. In collaboration with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf she produced “The Black Drum”, a signed musical theatre performance supported by Soulpepper Theatre Company. This Deaf-led performance has received rave reviews, both in Toronto, and in Reims, France.

Joanne Cripps, is Executive Director and Co-Founder of the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE under the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), responsible for the operations of the Centre and promoting Deaf arts, heritage and literature. She organizes, promotes and features Canadian Deaf performing artists in their production such as the Opening Ceremonies of the 14th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, Montreal, Quebec, 2003 the closing production for the Deaf History International Conference 2012, Toronto and the Opening Gala for the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, 2006.

X-camera Speaker Series: Lynn Slotkin

September 27, 2019 - Lynn Slotkin: Did We See the Same Show?


Lynn Slotkin will outline her journey from the 12 year old kid taken to the theatre for the very first time to becoming a theatre critic, and on the way she will talk about the difference between a critic and a reviewer, tell us why critics are important, and try to answer that perennial question “Did we see the same show?” (Hint: even though we might have been sitting side by side, no, we did not see the same show - and Lynn Slotkin will tell us why not.)

Lynn Slotkin publishes an on-line newsletter The Slotkin Letter which chronicles her theatre going in Toronto and internationally. The Slotkin Letter is used as a resource for actors, directors, artistic directors, and ‘civilians’ who are keenly interested in theatre.

Lynn Slotkin earned an Honours BA in Fine Arts from York University, specializing in Drama Studies, History, Theory and Criticism. Her reviews and articles have been published in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Performance Magazine, American Theatre Magazine, Eye Weekly, How Theatre Educates, Orbit, Mystery Scene Magazine, The Canadian Jewish News, the London Free Press and The Hollywood Reporter. She has done theatre commentary for Studio Two on TV Ontario and CBC TV-Newsworld. She has been profiled in The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and on Bravo TV for the Arts and Minds Program.

X-camera Speaker Series: Tess Martens

September 20, 2019 - Tess Martens: From Fear, Fixation & Failure

Tess Martens will speak about the perseverance needed to become an artist. Tess Martens is committed to performance art and to painting, and is obsessed with taking risks, finding loopholes, and exploring boundaries. She will talk about her art practice and its ties to mental health and her life experience.

Tess Martens completed her Masters of Fine Art focusing on performance art at the University of Waterloo in 2018. She recently participated in a weekend workshop with La Pocha Nostra, and a two week residency in The Netherlands with VestandPAge and Marilyn Arsem. Tess Martens founded an artist-run gallery, The Front Room Gallery, in Waterloo, Ontario, where she features visual artists monthly, and hosts bands, djs and poets. She is also part of the programming committee for CAFKA (Contemporary Art Forum of Kitchener & Area). Tess Martens interviews artists for arts and culture blog, She is a Recreation Therapist for a Long Term Care Home and in her free time performs stand-up comedy, spoken word poetry and karaoke. She has performed in Common Waters for Idea Exchange, Cambridge Galleries. She has upcoming performance art exhibitions with The Button Factory in Waterloo and Tangente Danse in Montreal.

X-camera Speaker Series: Don Druick

September 13, 2019 - Don Druick: Brot, wir lieben (an investigation into the philosophy of Bread, and its cousin, Theatre)


Don Druick writes: “I love the theatre, its constantly shifting perspectives of language and performance offering us a structure through which to move and act. The writing of plays has been a work of personal clarity throughout the journey of my life. Can it be the making of theatre is the microcosm of the world? Collaboration, common goals, commitment, kindness and generosity - all required of us in order to achieve this ancient and beneficial ritual of shared breath. Theatre is dangerous and difficult. Theatre is entertaining and passionate. Theatre is encompassing and personal. Its fascinating to me how one thing begets another, how one thing reflects another - more of this, much more - and yet nothing is the same. The thesis is: we are not here long; we must die knowing something. Something somehow so that we can find (and know) significant distinctions between.... Love and Truth, perhaps? That’s why we have Art. Is there a boundary between Love and Truth? They're certainly not the same. Hence, that’s why there must be a boundary between them. But now - therefore - they are also joined together because, because now they share a boundary. So maybe it seems Love and Truth should be the same, or mostly so. One lives in hope ...”

- un montréalais
- an award winning playwright, translator & librettist
- a baroque musician
- a herb gardener and chef

In a career spanning more than 50 years, Don Druick's plays have been produced on stage, radio and television in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the USA.

X-camera Speaker Series: Gada Jane

September 6, 2019 - Making Films at Every Level

It's one thing to have a great idea for a film, it's another to figure out how to turn that idea into a film and get it seen. Gada will talk about what she’s learned about creating personal and authentic projects within the film industry. She has years of experience writing screenplays and developing other writers' scripts, attending film festivals from Toronto to Cannes, and working on productions that range in size from three people “shooting something” in a Parisian AirBnB to CW Network's Supergirl. Throughout it all, Gada’s great obsession has been telling stories that matter. She will talk about how she's built her network within the film and VR industries and how she’s approached balancing the demands of the industry with focusing on the craft of creation.

Gada Jane is a writer and filmmaker. She is the Creative Director of Velvet Icons Productions, a production company that works closely with creators to develop and produce niche content for film, VR and the web. Velvet Icon’s mission is to put craft back at the centre of media production and it is active in both the traditional film industry and new media production. V.I. is currently developing its first slate of projects, including Gada's own web series, LA BOHEME which will be shot in Waterloo Region. Gada is also the Artist-in-Residence at the University of Waterloo's Games Institute. At G.I. she develops research partnerships between academia and industry and designs projects to engage partners in exploring storytelling in VR.

X-camera Speaker Series: Laura De Decker

August 30, 2019 - Laura De Decker: Charting (Im)Probabilities

Laura De Decker writes: “I write computer programs to create abstract digital images. Tracing my trajectory from the traditional media of painting to interactive digital media, I will discuss my approaches to creating art that intersects with science with an emphasis on intellectual rigour, and artistic intuition. My recent projects, ranging from large-format printed artworks to wall installation to video and interactive virtual reality, have stemmed from my interests in color, the intricacies of quantum mechanics, randomness and using quantum random data as source material, and exploring aesthetic possibilities.”

Laura De Decker: “I earned my MFA in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. Recently I was Artist-in-Residence for CAFKA-Christie Digital in 2012, and at University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing in 2015. I have received several grants from the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and Waterloo Region Arts Fund. My artwork and writing were presented and published at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Dubai (2014), in the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts (2018), and in the current exhibition “Intersection of Art and Science II” at Purdue University, Indiana.

X-camera Speaker Series: Scott McGovern

August 23, 2019 - Scott McGovern: Artists before Audiences - Expanding Approaches to Curation

Scott McGovern discusses the techniques he has adopted to present successful contemporary art exhibitions. In response to local economic and social dynamics, McGovern has shifted Ed Video programming out of Guelph and into new communities across Canada and internationally. By embracing pragmatic approaches to curation, and rejecting many flawed art-world traditions, this new model has significantly increased audience engagement and future opportunities for artists. Through proactive strategies to exhibition opportunities, McGovern has forged many new relationships between Canadian artists and international audiences. The presentation will conclude with suggestions about how individual artists can broaden the potential of their own practice.

Scott McGovern is a curator, artist, video maker, and educator. He studied video at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Since 2005 he has been the program director at Ed Video Media Arts Centre, an artist run centre in Guelph, Canada, where he has facilitated over 150 exhibitions, events, and concerts. He has curated exhibitions at artist run centres, public galleries, festivals, and art fairs in Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, and Greece. McGovern is also the Visual and Media Art Curator of Kazoo! Fest in Guelph since 2010.

Sculpture in photo by artist Patrick Cruz, in Ed Video’s booth at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City in 2016

Workshop: Projection Mapping

Monday, August 19, 2019, 4pm - 9pm - Workshop Projection Mapping

Fresh Ground at Commons Studio
256 King Street East, Kitchener ON N2G 2L1

FEE: $100. Fee subsidies are available: please contact us at

For artists with plenty of video content to build into their next installation, party, or performance piece, this Introduction to Projection Mapping workshop prepares you to use argumentative light as an artistic and narrative device in diverse forms of live art productions. You will learn the basics of working with Isadora,a user-friendly platform, and it’s intuitive projection mapping tool, IzzyMap; learn to use Isadora to projection map your video, animation, or images onto 3D physical objects; and learn how to incorporate live interactivity into your installation.

Maziar Ghaderi is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, educator and director who works with visual media and interactive technology. With a background in multimedia production, his work is situated at the intersection of technology, the experiential and creative direction. Under the direction of Marina Abramovic, Maziar was the media producer and on-site technical assistant for the 2013 Luminato Festival’s MAI Prototype. His piece "Dissolving Self" was shown at the International Symposium on Electronic Art 2014 (ISEA) in Dubai. Maziar has also taught media production and conceptual development at OCAD University and Ryerson University.

X-camera Speaker Series: Mary-Catherine Newcomb

August 16, 2019 - Mary-Catherine Newcomb: The Importance of Unimportant Things


Mary-Catherine Newcomb writes:
“I am interested in the way we perceive and construct reality. We attach significance to perceptions that are reinforced by cultural mythologies and affordance. Myth aligns objective, rational and subjective experience. Myth is informed by imagination, and speaks to deep human truths. Keepers of myth have increasingly become commercial enterprises whose products trade in easy access, self-gratification, and spectacle. I will be speaking about my work in relationship to the idea of myth.”

Mary-Catherine Newcomb is a visual artist who has had a long career as a sculptor and teacher. Born and raised in Montreal she is now based in Waterloo Region. She attended the University of Toronto where she received a Bachelor of Science, then studied fine arts at University of Waterloo (BFA) and York University (MFA). Mary Catherine was one of the original members of the Redhead Gallery and a member of Nethermind Collective. Her work has been shown throughout Canada and in Germany. She has received support from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Waterloo Region Arts Fund. In 2009 Mary Catherine was awarded the K.M. Hunter prize for visual art.

Q-Lab A Three Day Workshop

August 13, 14, and 15 - Q-LAB - A Three Evenings Workshop

Learn QLab, a multimedia playback, cue-based software designed for theatre and live entertainment.

Used in venues around the world, this intuitive program has allowed performers and operators to take control of a performance, twist it, tweak it, reproduce it, and if programmed just right… it’ll even brew your morning coffee. Now we’re not all coffee drinkers, but if you are a Producer, Performer, Theatre Designer, Audio Engineer, Video Operator, Stage Manager, Stage Hand or just someone who likes Mac computers – these sessions will be for you.  Sorry Lighting Operators – we’re not covering that area of QLab at this time, but we’re working on it.

In this three evenings workshop, we’ll take you through the basics of QLab 4 and dipping back into QLab 3, from programming audio to mapping of video, how to set-up your workspace and understand the workflow to get the most out of your system and enhance your performance.

Because QLab is hyper specific to what you want to do, we ask that you bring as much of your own content with you (audio and video files).  We’ll bring some hardware for demonstration purposes, but if you have a goal in mind – that gives us more to work with.

X-camera Speaker Series: Kathryn Ladano

August 9, 2019 - Kathryn Ladano: The Improvising Musician's Mask

Focusing on Kathryn Ladano's recent dissertation research, this presentation will explore the idea that musical instruments function as masks in the context of collective free improvisation performance. Various theories in drama and cultural studies show that wearing masks can conceal individuals in some ways, but a greater creative and personal expression is often revealed as a result. In collective free improvisation, instruments function in a very similar way, not only facilitating creative expression, but also increasing a musician’s level of comfort. This in turn allows for many social benefits to take place, such as increased connection and communication with others in ways not available through traditional social exchanges.

Dr. Kathryn Ladano is a bass clarinettist and specialist of contemporary music and free improvisation. She is the Artistic Director of NUMUS concerts, Director of the Improvisation Concerts Ensemble (ICE) and instructor of improvisation at Wilfrid Laurier University. Kathryn completed her PhD at York University under the supervision of Casey Sokol and Dorothy de Val; her thesis, “The Improvising Musician's Mask: Using Music Instruments to Build Self-Confidence and Social Skills in Collective Free Improvisation”, was nominated for a dissertation prize. Kathryn will be releasing her second solo album in the fall of 2019 titled “Masked”, focusing on concepts explored in her research.

Grantwriting Clinic Workshop


Stop procrastinating: bring your computer and write THAT application!

Got a grant to write? Bring your computer and work on your grant alongside other applicants for an arts grant. If you need to, you can ask for assistance from the on-site instructor, Isabella Stefanescu, Artistic Director at Inter Arts Matrix. Come for the day, the afternoon, the early evening, or just drop in for a couple of hours.

If you have a project you are trying to fund, Isabella Stefanescu will talk it over with you, one-to-one and get you started. We might be able to help you find a suitable grant for your project. Or we can give you a hand getting an on-line profile with a granting body. If you need help drawing up a budget or a time-line, articulating your project, its viability or impact, we can give each other a hand. And we can proofread your application.

X-camera Speaker Series: Cirán Myers.

August 2, 2019 - Ciarán Myers: What is Theatre?

Ciarán writes: “I'm going to talk about what storytelling is, some storytelling that I've done, and some storytelling that we're all doing right now without thinking about it. From an Inter-Arts perspective, how is storytelling elevated in our community?”

Ciarán Myers is, proudly, the first Playwright-in-Residence at Kitchener's GreenLight Arts. He has written and produced original theatre in London, Edinburgh, Kitchener, and Toronto. Most of his storytelling happens daily around 8pm for the single captive audience of his three-year-old daughter. Ciarán is the Co-Artistic Director of the Informal Upright Theatre Collective, he is a multi-published poet, champion Irish dancer, award-winning playwright, and performance pedagogue to youth and adults locally.

X-camera Speaker Series: David Bobier

David Bobier: Scored in Silence

David Bobier will talk about his collaboration with media artist and electronics engineer Jim Ruxton at VibraFusionLab Collective in London, Ontario, to create vibro-tactile devices for Deaf UK performance artist Chisato Minamura. This collaborative project is being featured at the Edinburgh Festival in August and will tour in Canada in the fall of 2020.

David Bobier is a self-identified hard of hearing media artist with a disability and is the parent of two deaf children. He is currently partnering with Inclusive Media and Design Centre at Ryerson University, Toronto and Tactile Audio Displays Inc. in researching and employing vibrotactile technology as a creative medium. As an extension of ongoing partnership with IMDC, Ryerson University and Tactile Audio Displays (TAD) Bobier established and is Director of VibraFusionLab Collective in London, Ontario, Canada.

Grant Writing with Lyn Royce

Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Grant Writing with Lyn Royce

A workshop for projects of all kinds - film, video, theatre, games, installations, interactive art. What are storyboards, why you should use them, how to use them, and some PDQ (pretty darn quick) methods of making your own.

A distillation of three longer hands-on workshops in writing, metrics and evaluation, and reporting, this session looks at the full life cycle of a grant and how that might serve as a valuable GPS for strengthening your request and submission materials. Designed to be inclusive of all levels of expertise, even long experienced grant preparers should gain a new idea – or at least review some practical, tactical, reminders.

Short breaks will be scheduled between topic segments, with time for questions and knowledge sharing incorporated.

About the instructor:
A firm believer in the tenet, if you can’t find it, create it, Lyn Royce continues to display her talent for balancing the bottom line while nurturing relationships over a career trajectory spanning three decades. Her experience includes supporting the Shaw Festival for seven seasons as Audience Services Director; serving Ontario’s Ministries of Citizenship and Immigration, Tourism, Culture and Sport as Regional Advisor; and recently, assisting Capacity Canada in third sector development projects. A skilled teacher and facilitator, with a passion for 1:1 mentoring, she considers such feedback as “You taught me stuff when I wasn’t looking!” among her greatest achievements.

X-camera Speaker Series: Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock

July 19, 2019 - Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock: Arche Projects

Art collective Arche Projects makes installations that fuse poetry and film, using various technologies to disrupt our patterns of attention and ponder the role of the aesthetic in our current historical moment.

Nathan Saliwonchyk and Nora Ruddock will talk about their collaboration and the possibilities and pitfalls of using poetic texts in media installations. We will show two of our completed projects, Tinderbox and Anthozoa, and facilitate a discussion about using technology to critique technology and social media.

Nathan Saliwonchyk is a filmmaker and media artist living in Guelph. Nora Ruddock is a poet and editor at Broadview Press.

X-camera Speaker Series: Aislinn Thomas. A large, bushy ivy plant hangs in front of a window with cream coloured curtains sucked against the window screen revealing a fan and jars on the window ledge.  The ivy is long, appearing to dangle into the wicker laundry basket below.

July 12, 2019 - Aislinn Thomas: A seat at the table, a slice of the pie: centering access 

This is a SCENT FREE event.

Access, in fact, can be and is generative. Many disabled artists are intervening into the conventions of access, revealing institutional and societal limitations and opening up rich new territory for exploration. In this talk Aislinn Thomas will share some of her recent forays into alternative approaches to audio description while making a case for why we should all care about the many ways of being in and experiencing the world.

The title for this talk, A seat at the table, a slice of the pie is the title of a work in progress in collaboration with artist Shannon Finnegan, a portion of which is part of a project commissioned by the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Aislinn Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes video, performance, installation, and text.  Some of her recent and upcoming exhibitions include the WRO Media Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland; Holding Patterns with Art Spin and Tangled Art + Disability in Toronto; Talk Back at Flux Factory in New York; and a project for the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff. You can learn more about her work at

X-camera Speaker Series: Nathan Stretch

July 5, 2019 - Nathan Stretch: Media Intersections: Towards Community Music

Nathan Stretch will describe his evolving artistic practice in music, film, soundscape and installation toward an emerging understanding of “music in the community”.

Nathan Stretch coordinates Commons Studio — a community tools project of The Working Centre that provides access to resources for film-making and digital storytelling. Stretch's band Bass Lions is known for their innovative musical and visual explorations; their most recent recording — a first foray into instrumental music via reimagined classical works entitled “Threes” — culminated in a “video triptych” with installation artist Phil Irish. Stretch is a candidate for an MA in Community Music at Laurier, is a published writer of short fiction, has contributed music and film-based projects to local and national festivals, and toured extensively as a recording artist.

X-camera Speaker Series: Brian Cullen

Friday, June 28, 2019
Brian Cullen: Audiovisual Composition and Our Technologically Mediated Lives

12:00 noon
FREE: Everyone is welcome.

Brian will be discussing how special visual and sound effects techniques can be used to examine our technologically mediated lives. During his talk Brian will provide examples of his music, animation, and video game work.

Brian Cullen graduated in Fine Art from the National College of Art and Design Dublin in 2000 where his interests included print making and installation. He received an MPhil in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin in 2004, studying cognition, psychoacoustics, video production, and music composition. Brian received his Ph.D. in Electroacoustic Composition from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2010, during which he explored how computer generate sounds and imagery fuse with everyday experience. Brian recently received funding from the Canada Media Fund and Ontario Creates to create a debut full-length videogame scheduled for release late 2019.

STORYBOARDS: An Introduction

STORYBOARDS: An Introduction

Tuesday June 18, 2019

A workshop for projects of all kinds - film, video, theatre, games, installations, interactive art. What are storyboards, why you should use them, how to use them, and some PDQ (pretty darn quick) methods of making your own.

About the instructor: ISABELLA STEFANESCU is a visual and media artist based in Waterloo Region. She has created interactive art installations, films and animations.

X-camera Speaker Series: Terre Chartrand

Terre Chartrand: Indigenous placemaking in Waterloo Region - A process of digital and arts intervention with youth

X-Camera speaker: June 21, 2019

Terre Chartrand writes: “This talk will focus on the journey through our process of learning and applying cultural practices in arts based intervention. It will also address culture as a holistic part of indigeneity and our belonging to the land.”

X-camera Speaker Series: Martin de Groot

Martin de Groot: “Land Acknowledgement form and practice in South Ontario”

X-Camera speaker: June 14, 2019

Martin de Groot writes: My presentation will offer thoughts and observations from an historical perspective in a regional arts, culture and heritage context. It will draw on my training and teaching experience in Atlantic World and U.S. History, and my work in arts management and cultural journalism in the Greater Waterloo area. The aim is to complicate, rather than contradict or replace, prevalent views of settler/Indigenous relations.

X-camera Speaker Series: David Jensenius

David Jensenius: “MAML: Media Arts and Machine Learning”

X-Camera speaker: June 7, 2019

David Jensenius writes: My output in recent years has been eclectic, ranging from more conventionally 'composed' concert music, to sound design for theatre, and from free improvisation to sound art installations. For my talk, I will show and describe a cross-section of these works to give a sense of my overall work as an artist, and I will explore how I have been trying to find ways to integrate these various practices, particularly between the worlds of theatre and concert music. There may or may not also be a rather conspicuous and slightly terrifying plush toy.

X-camera Speaker Series: Colin Labadie

Colin Labadie: Music, Theatre, and Dancing Monsters

X-Camera speaker: May 31, 2019

Colin Labadie writes: My output in recent years has been eclectic, ranging from more conventionally 'composed' concert music, to sound design for theatre, and from free improvisation to sound art installations. For my talk, I will show and describe a cross-section of these works to give a sense of my overall work as an artist, and I will explore how I have been trying to find ways to integrate these various practices, particularly between the worlds of theatre and concert music. There may or may not also be a rather conspicuous and slightly terrifying plush toy.

X-camera Speaker Series: Lindsay Bellaire and Phillip Psutka

Leslie Ting: Déjà vu in hindsight

X-Camera speaker: May 24, 2019

Leslie Ting writes: “I will be talking about my initial intentions for making my first inter-arts production, Speculation, and how the work actually unfolded and what I learned. How the process of creation has not been separate from my life despite my best efforts, even in my new work, What Brings You In Today, and how my husband tried to make me read Aristotle's Poetics for this talk.”

X-camera Speaker Series: Lindsay Bellaire and Phillip Psutka

Lindsay Bellaire and Phillip Psutka: Articus: The Art of Fusing Theatre and Circus

X-Camera speaker: May 17, 2019

Articus Productions is a KW based performing arts company that creates innovative theatrical experiences through a fusion of theatre and circus, with a particular focus on aerial work. In this talk, we will give an overview of the work we have developed, our current projects, the challenges we are facing, and our vision for the kind of work we hope to create as we grow.

X-camera Speaker Series: Julia Alpin and John Gzowski

Julia Aplin and John Gzowski: Technology, Dance, Music and Theatre-Double Pendulum Collective

X-Camera speaker: May 10, 2019

Double Pendulum Collective has a four-sided unique perspective on creating art. Their new work Synaptic Rodeo has been created in residence at LIVElab and strives to use the technology itself as the starting point of creation. John and Julia will discuss how the collective has developed ideas using EKG, EMG, halo/muse brain waves, and motion capture technology. John and Julia will lead you through some of the challenges and joys they have experienced creating art with technology.

X-camera Speaker Series: Matt Borland

Matt Borland: Building Community Music Technology

X-Camera speaker: May 3, 2019

The return to community-based music making has seen a resurgence of choirs, porch-parties, house-shows, and the simple opportunity for people to get together to make music. The work discussed in this talk will reveal observations about the appropriate use of electronic technology in music making, particularly for use in community music settings. Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening exercises will also make an appearance for the brave!

Grant-Writing Co-Working Day


A workshop presented by Isabella Stefanescu

Finding sources of grants and writing good applications are skills you can learn.

This workshop is for artists of all disciplines and organizations of all kinds. You will learn:

· how to plan a top quality application
· how to find suitable funders
· assembling funding for a specific project

Grant-Writing Co-Working Day


Stop procrastinating. Bring your computer and write that application!

February 2019

Got a grant to write?

Bring your computer and work on your grant along with other applicants. You can ask for assistance from the on-site instructor, Isabella Stefanescu, Artistic Director at Inter Arts Matrix. Come for the day, the afternoon, the evening, or just drop in for a couple of hours.

Concrete Mix Poem

Concrete Poetry Mix

An Interactive Installation


This interactive installation allows you to create your own concrete poetry mix by recording a poem or a fragment of a poem which will become a sample that can be manipulated in the making of a drawing or re-writing of the poem -a visual and aural mix tape of the original poem.

Grant-writing Workshop


A Workshop presented by Isabella Stefanescu


Finding sources of grants and writing good applications are skills you can learn. This workshop is for artists of all disciplines and organizations of all kinds.

Grant Co-Writing Workshop


Stop procrastinating: bring your computer and write THAT application!


Bring your computer and work on your grant alongside other applicants for an arts grant. If you need to, you can ask for assistance from the on-site instructor, Isabella Stefanescu, Artistic Director at Inter Arts Matrix. Come for the day, the afternoon, the evening, or just drop in for a couple of hours.

 Inter Arts Matrix - Celebrating the First Decade

Inter Arts Matrix - Celebrating the First Decade

10 years, 2 artistic directors, 18 projects, 69 events, 101 artists

Grant Writing for Artist Led Projects

Grant Writing for Artist Led Projects

A Workshop presented by Isabella Stefanescu

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

This workshop, for artists and arts organizations of all disciplines, is an overview about: how to plan a top quality application, how to find suitable funders, assembling funding for a specific art project.

This is a collaboration between Inter Arts Matrix and The Commons Studio at the Working Centre.

Grant Writing Co-Working Day

Grant Writing Co-Working Day

Got a grant to write?

FEBRUARY 23, 2018

Bring your computer and work on your grant alongside other artists. If you need to, you can ask for assistance from the on-site instructor, Isabella Stefanescu, Artistic Director at Inter Arts Matrix. Come for the day, the morning or afternoon, or just drop in for a couple of hours.

This is a collaboration between Inter Arts Matrix and The Commons Studio at the Working Centre.

Phaedra Echoes

Phaedra Echoes

A staged reading


Performed by: Jennifer Cornish
Katharine Mills
France Rolland
Darlene Spencer

Grantwriting for Artist Led Projects

Grant writing workshop for Artist Led Projects

August 29, 2017

“Writing a grant application makes you a better artist.”

This workshop, for artists and arts organizations of all disciplines, is an overview about assembling funding for an art project. The session will outline various sources of funding, public and private, how to find suitable funders for your project, and how to plan and submit a top quality application.

Grantwriting for Artist Led Projects

Grant Writing Co-Working Day

August 31, 2017

Come and work alongside your fellow artists. If you have project you are trying to fund, our on site instructor, Isabella Stefanescu, will talk it over with you and get you started. We might be able to help you find a suitable grant for your project. Or we can give you a hand getting an on line profile with a granting body. If you need help drawing up budget or a time-line, articulating your project, its viability or impact, we can give each other a hand. And we can proofread your application.

Phaedra Echoes

Phaedra Echoes: A staged reading

June 15, 2017

Performed by:
Margaret Bárdos
Jennifer Cornish
Nada Humsi
Katharine Mills
Sibylle Marquardt, flute

Research and Creation:
Anne-Marie Donovan, Kim Jernigan, Isabella Stefanescu

Years, Months, and Days

Years, Months, and Days

World Premiere

Composed by Colin Labadie, Lyrics by Amanda Jernigan

Commissioned by Inter Arts Matrix as part of A Sense of Place residency at Felt Lab in St. Jacobs, and funded by a music commissioning grant from the Ontario Arts Council

Saturday, May 13, 2017, 7:30pm
St Peter's Lutheran Church
49 Queen Street North,
Kitchener, ON, N2H 2G9

Performed by Menno Singers
Conducted by Peter Nikiforuk



Saturday, May 13, 2017
The Artesian, Regina, SK

Compact at Improvisation and Mobility Festival

A hybrid performance for voice and Euphonopen. Created by Isabella Stefanescu, Klaus Engel, Helen Pridmore, Julia Aplin, Ian Crutchely. Directed by Anne-Marie Donovan.

Lord Sword

Lord Sword

November 17 – 20, 2016
Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

An Epic for Two Actors
In the era of post-truth politics, live theatre shines a light on our willing suspension of disbelief.

A grieving storyteller takes on a young apprentice, and together they are drawn into telling an epic beyond their power to control. Two actors play a total of eleven roles in what turns out to be an ode to the art of acting.

Blue Bird 2016

Blue Bird at the Registry Theatre

Presented by Blue Bird Theatre Collective with Inter Arts Matrix
September 29 - October 1, 2016

Created by Tawiah Ben M'Carthy and Brad Cook with Anne-Marie Donovan. Two young men, childhood friends from Ghana, come together to reconcile with the deaths of their fathers and the events that tore apart their families 25 years earlier.

Lord Sword

Lord Sword: A Workshop Performance

An Epic for Two Actors by Douglas W. Campbell.
March 26 & 27, 2016

A man contemplates the abyss. A storyteller takes on an apprentice. A grieving storyteller takes on a young monk as apprentice who draws him into telling an epic beyond his power to control. Lord Sword is a minimalist epic, a highly original meditation on storytelling and orality - about fathers and sons, about war and legacy.

Objects on a Table

Objects On A Table
at the Perimeter Institute

Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 8pm
Perimeter Institute
Mike Lazaradis Theatre of Ideas

Objects on a Table has been conceived as a homage to Italian minimalist painter Giorgio Morandi, and draws on the humble attention he paid to everyday objects. In his drawings and etchings Morandi used a restricted set of drawing gestures, and these gestures, interpreted by a bass clarinet and percussion, constitute the “voice” of the Euphonopen, an instrument created for the live performance of drawing.


Lord Sword Auditions

Audition Notice:
Lord Sword

Production Name: Lord Sword
Audition Day: October 7, 2015
City: Kitchener

Lord Sword is an epic play for two actors, who play multiple parts. We are casting for the roles of the middle aged storyteller and his apprentice, a young monk.

Blue Bird at Impact 15 Festival

Blue Bird at IMPACT 15 Festival

Friday, September 25 & 26, 2015
Blair Hall at the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

A father is riddled with guilt over the accidental death of his best friend. Twenty-five years later, upon his death, he sends his only son to Ghana to right his wrong and find the son of his late best friend. Through the collective effort of the characters both living (the sons) and spiritual (the fathers), a fable is formulated, destined to be passed on to other generations to incite change: the fable of the Blue Bird.

Grant Writing for Artists' Projects

Grant Writing for Artists' Projects

Most art projects are made on more love than money, but funding is still necessary.

This workshop will introduce the various regional, provincial, federal, and private sources of funding available for individual artists and art projects in all disciplines. The workshop will consider each type of application in detail and address topics including eligibility, budgeting, support materials. The workshop will cover the selection process for successful grants, and how to follow up with a funder if you don't receive a grant.

Euphonopen 3 Premieres

Summer 2014: A Euphonopen Season

Three world premieres of works for Euphonopen, a digital drawing instrument that manipulates sound created by Isabella Stefanescu and Klaus Engel

MIRROR - June 11 & 12, The Registry Theatre, Kitchener, Open Ears Festival
OBJECTS ON A TABLE - July 17, Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo
SIGNATURE - August 15, Civic Square, Kitchener City Hall

Signature Premiere

AUGUST 2014: SIGNATURE World Premiere

The world premiere of SIGNATURE, for improvisational choir and Euphonopen

An interactive performance environment with live video, electroacoustics, improvisational choir and Euphonopen. Audience members sign in with the Euphonopen and their signatures become part of a stunning visual and sonic fabric projected onto the walls and spaces of City Hall.

Premiere Performance: 8:30pm, Friday, August 15, 2014 @ Arts Market, Kitchener City Hall

Mirror Premiere

JULY 2014: OBJECTS ON A TABLE World Premiere

The world premiere of for bass clarinet and Euphonopen

On a table, a dozen objects to be drawn repeatedly, obsessively, as contours, masses, and voids. Inspired by the work of Giorgio Morandi and the humble attention he paid to everyday objects, his drawing gestures memorialized into sound.

Installation exhibition @ The Clay & Glass: July 5 – August 31

Blue Bird Development Workshop

JULY 2014: BLUE BIRD Development Workshop

By Tawiah M'Carthy and Brad Cook

A new theatre creation from two gifted and accomplished young artists, Blue Bird is a fable about two young men who discover the secrets of their fathers and uncover the hopes and dreams their fathers were forced to leave behind.

July 5 & 6, 2014 @ lemonTree creations

Mirror Premiere

June 2014: MIRROR World Premiere

The world premiere of Mirror, for soprano and visual artist.

A meditation on the risk each one of us takes when presenting a face to the public: singer and painter explore complex, interwoven reflections of themselves and their art.

June 11, 6pm and June 12, 7:30pm @ The Registry Theatre.

The Record Player Workshop

January 2014: The Record Player Development Workshop

January 10 – 12, 2014, Workshop performance and feedback session

A historical fantasy from the future about recorded sound and the people who invented it, mastered it, scratched it, stole it, remixed it and were transformed by it over a century and a half, cutting together threads and characters as diverse as the explosion of the island of Krakatau.

Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.... Introducing GivingTuesday!

GivingTuesday, spearheaded by, is a new Canada-wide movement to help start a public dialogue around charitable giving at the start of the annual holiday season. Help us celebrate our 7th year of fostering integrated art and bringing together artists, scientists, technicians and communities from a variety of disciplines to create new and impactful artwork.

Les Moutons and Flock of Flyers

Les Moutons and Flock of Flyers

Inter Arts Matrix co-presents Bouchard Danse at IMPACT Festival

Objects on a Table and Mirror Development Workshop

December 2013: Objects on a Table and Mirror
Development workshop

December 10 – 16, 2013
Studio, Courtyard @ Bonnie Stuart
141 Whitney Place, Kitchener

Mirror Workshop

August 2013: Mirror Creative Development Workshop

The artist draws the soprano, while the Euphonopen she uses to draw generates sound. The soprano's sampled voice is manipulated as the drawing emerges. The soprano confronts various reflections of herself: a visual, mirror-image projection of unfolding drawings of her, aural reflections of her performance generated by the Euphonopen, and electronically manipulated fragments of her own voice, some pre-recorded, some live. She responds to, and grapples with, the sound image of her own manipulated voice and an emerging visual image of herself.

Guerilla Appearances

May 2013: Guerrilla Appearances

IAM will be making Guerilla Sound Event appearances at the Art Awards Waterloo Region at Centre-in-the-Square on May 26th and at the Between the Ears Festival in Kitchener at the end of the month. The Between the Ears Festival features a mix of local, national and international artists celebrating the art of listening. IAM artistic director, Anne-Marie Donovan will also be performing in the micro-performances at the Walper Hotel on the Saturday. Come out and show your support!!

My Neruda: A Movement and Voice Workshop

April 2013: The Voices of Drawing / Les Voix du Dessin

Art of Invention Lecture Series Inaugural Lecture

IAM has launched the Art of Invention Lecture Series to share the research and development taking place within the belly of our artistic creation projects. The inaugural lecture features visual artist Isabella Stefanescu with her close collaborator, scientist Klaus Engel, sharing with us the genesis of the Euphonopen and its development so far.

My Neruda: A Movement and Voice Workshop

April 2013: My Neruda

a movement & voice workshop inspired by Pablo Neruda's Poetry, APRIL 22–24, 2013

My Neruda is an intensive voice / movement workshop for dancers, actors, performers and artists who wish to inspire their creations in the work of this great poet. Workshop participants will be guided in the creation of their own solo piece, based on a Pablo Neruda poem and using the methodology created by De Guevara and Mena.
Facilitated director/actor/writer Lina de Guevara and choreographer Sebastian Mena.

CD launch: history is what it is

March 2013: "history is what it is"

Music of Peter Hatch performed by the Blue Rider Ensemble & Pamela Reimer, piano

Music of Peter Hatch performed by the Blue Rider Ensemble & Pamela Reimer, pianoJoin us as we celebrate the official CD launch of "history is what it is", a new Centrediscs recording of music by Peter Hatch performed by the cross-Canadian Blue Rider Ensemble, featuring Waterloo's Paul Pulford and Anne-Marie Donovan. "They make history. They are in the place of it." - Gertrude Stein.

Kazim Kamaledin

November 2012: Hazim Kamaledin

Professional Development Workshop for Professional Theatre/Movement Artists. Presented by MT Space + Inter Arts Matrix.

Hazim Kamaledin is an Iraqi-Belgian playwright, director, actor, percussionist and movement theatre expert based in Antwerp. This workshop focuses on transforming imagination into physical movement. Participants learn to play with impulses of the body without falling into figurative expression, illustration or explanation.

Objects on a Table

October 2012: Objects on a Table

Workshop performance and audience feedback session

After many months of regular rehearsals, individual work and creative meetings, the Objects on a Table team gathers for an intensive three-day workshop to bring all of the elements together in a first draft performance of the complete work.


September 2012: Signature

Workshop performance and audience feedback session

The focus of this secondary workshop of Signature is developing the choral component of the piece. Conductor Christine Duncan and 12 singers rehearse and perform the first draft of the choral score, which includes a complex set of instructions for structured improvisations using names as the raw material.


June 2012: Mirror

Workshop performance and audience feedback session

This second workshop on Mirror focuses on possible structures for the work. We also continue to explore the relationship between the soprano and the drawings taking shape before her.

The Notebook Project

June 2012: The Notebook Project

Common Pulse Media Art Festival, Durham Art Gallery

Opening Friday, June 10th, 2012
Exhibition runs until July 15, 2012

See the first collaboration between visual artist Isabella Stefanescu and composer Nick Storring, who are now developing Signature together.


May 2012: Signature

Workshop performance and audience feedback session

Preliminary development workshop: Two very different improvising choir conductors, André Pappathomas (Mtl) and Christine Duncan (TO) join us for a week-long exploration of the basic idea for Signature: the elemental power of your name. We also test the interactivity of the audience signing in with the Euphonopen as they arrive, and the choir and Euphonopen then capturing those names as visual and sound material in the performance.


May 2012: Natsu Nakajima

Professional development Butoh Workshop with Natsu Nakajima
Presented by Inter Arts Matrix & MT Space

For the performing artist to have complete trust in his body is a must. Concentrate and sensitize the body through the medium  of words and images, particularly those forgotten in the process of modernization. Butoh workshops provide a progression toward the acquisition of artistic expression through the body by exploring memories and consciousness of each person's internal organs.

David Smith workshop

December 2011: David Smith

Professional development clown and physical theatre workshop with David Smith
Presented by Inter Arts Matrix & MT Space

Participants will be introduced to the foundational principles of physical training and be given strategies for their continued development. David Smith is an independent educator with over 35 years of experience in the areas of Theatre, Ballet, Opera, Mime, and Clown. He is a Movement Specialist whose special interest is in how memory moves and patterns itself in our bodies.

Frankenstein's Ghosts Workshop Performanace

June 2011: Frankenstein's Ghosts

Workshop Performances, DB Clarke Theatre, Montreal

This month-long advanced workshop culminates in three 80-minute fully staged performances of the first draft of Frankenstein's Ghosts. The large-scale multi-media work was developed by a 20+ member team of artists from many disciplines in collaboration with thinkers from the fields of psychology, ethics and computer science.

MyAudia Premiere

August 2010: MyAudia

Premiere, Stratford Summer Music

Commissioned by Stratford Summer Music and developed over a two-year period at IAM, this work of urban sound theatre unfolds over three days as a series of sound interventions. It culminates in a mini-opera on the morning of the third day, as the city wakes. Following three premiere performances in downtown Stratford, MyAudia toured to Festival Escales Improbables where it played at Montreal's Old Port.