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COVE/COVOX - Grace Scheele - not yr angel bby harpist

COVE/COVOX - Grace Scheele

not yr angel bby harpist

••._.••´¯``•.¸¸.•` 🎀 meet angel bby 🎀 `•.¸¸.•``¯´••._.•

Ever wonder why women and harps seem to go hand in hand? Does hearing a harp pluck take you to heaven?

On June 4, an angelic avatar, angel bby, will square off against her human creator, electroacoustic harpist Grace Scheele. Together, they will unravel and re-spin the heavenly/pastoral/fem tropes that alternately plague and buoy 21st-century harpists and their instrument. This multimedia event is pure audiovisual indulgence, mixing memes, audio-interactive projections, electric harp, pastel gore imagery, sonic cacophony and ethereal soundscapes.

not yr angel bby harpist premieres on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 at Catalyst137 during Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound in Kitchener, ON.

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American-Canadian Grace Scheele is an electroacoustic harpist, film composer, and improviser dually based in Kitchener and Toronto. Her music hones minimalistic textures within noise landscapes – creating a sound that is “a pliable, fluid, continuum…that’s as beautiful as it is unconventional” (Canadian Music Centre).

Headshot credit: Michael Borkovic