Blue Bird

Blue Bird

By Tawiah M'Carthy and Brad Cook with Anne-Marie Donovan

Blue Bird is a story about coming of age and rites of passage; a universal idea told through the bodies of two young men, one from Canada and the other from Ghana. Although both come from very different cultural backgrounds, they share a common past that has shaped their possible futures. Blue Bird tells the story of a father riddled with guilt over the accidental death of his best friend.  Twenty-five years later, upon his death, he employs his only son to right his wrong by traveling to Ghana to find the son of his late best friend.

Blue Bird flows back and forth through time as the young sons discover the secrets of their fathers and uncover the hopes and dreams their fathers were forced to leave behind. Through the collective effort of the characters both living (the sons) and spiritual (the fathers), a fable is formed, destined to be passed on to other generations to incite real change: the fable of the Blue Bird.

Development Workshop: May – July 2014 @ Inter Arts Matrix, KW & lemonTree, TO

With Anne-Marie Donovan, artistic director, IAM & Jonathan Seinem, artistic associate, lemonTree

Blue Bird is in development at Inter Arts Matrix and lemonTree creations.

Blue Bird is generously funded by:

Region of Waterloo Arts Fund
Theatre Creator's Reserve, Ontario Arts Council
Drama Department, University of Waterloo
MT Space

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