A Sense of Place

Photo: Matt Borland – John Martens, foreman at the Steed & Evans Heidelberg gravel pit

A Sense of Place – St. Jacobs Country

“The older I grow and the longer I look at landscapes and seek to understand them, the more convinced I am that their beauty is not simply an aspect but their very essence, and that that beauty derives from the human presence.”
- J. B. Jackson, A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time, 1994

St. Jacobs occupies a special place in the identity of our Region, as testified by the highway signs that guide tourist cars and buses into town. St. Jacobs has spilled its cultural influence beyond its borders into the rest of the Region, into "St. Jacobs' Country", and so it is a good place to start investigating our sense of place in Waterloo Region.

The artists are hosted at Felt Lab in St. Jacobs during the research and development phase of this project.

Project leaders:

Matt Borland - engineer
Amanda Jernigan - poet
Colin Labadie - composer
Sarah Kernohan – visual artist

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